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New elite zoo sex movies

Elite zoo movies We have added around 10 new beastiality videos to our elite section. All unique, rare and extreme bizarre. Most movies contain dog sex content but we even uploaden one which contained some bizarre dwarf footage! Here are some of the movies we added: Beasty wilma goes dutch: One of the most rare […]

Amsterdam Live Volume 19

Special release: Amsterdam Live Vol. 19 Sad news guys. This is the final Amsterdam Live dogsex movie for this moment. For the very last time we see our loyal porn dog in action and offcourse its all about russian girls again. So give Rat some respect, buy this dogsex dvd and give him a salute by […]

Amsterdam Live Volume 18

Special release: Amsterdam Live Vol. 18 Blue socks. You all know what this means: its celebration time! Yes Rat is about to retire and because of that we selected the most cock worthy, sex, hot and horny russian porn models on earth. And offcourse Rat wants to end with a big bang: a intense cumshot-on-the-ass final! […]

Amsterdam Live Volume 17

Special release: Amsterdam Live Vol. 17 A specially shaved pussy for our dog Rat is on the menu today. Together with a pair of tiny titties and a sexy russian accent makes this beastiality movie from the Netherlands a must have for your zoo collection. So sit back, grab your pathetic wiener in your hands and […]

Video Playlists

New video feature! We have just added a new tool to our network: the video playlist section. You can use this handy search/feature to find for specific bestiality movies. No matter if you are looking for great dane porn movies, girls who have sex with white horses, donkey sex scenes or bizarre snake sex videos… […]

Amsterdam Live Volume 16

Special release: Amsterdam Live Vol. 16 No women on earth, especially russian women, can resist the power of Rat. Yes, our loved dog is a really pussy magnet: even george clooney cant match this stud. How the hell is it possible that all those fantastic looking girls arent interested in our dicks, but crave for his […]

Elite Club

Bestiality Elite Club A few days earlier than planned, as it supposed to be launched during christmas, but for once things ran faster then expected, so we decided this new section today! The Elite Club is the place where we will bring you the best of the best in bestiality! Meaning new, never seen before […]

Happy Holidays Special

ASH wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! This might sound a bit early as december hasn’t even started, but its for a good reason as we have something special for you! As december is a celebration month we thought it would be a good idea to surprise you with a nice […]