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bestiality elite club

Elite Club

Bestiality Elite Club A few days earlier than planned, as it supposed to be launched during christmas, but for once things ran faster then expected, so we decided this new section today! The Elite Club is the place where we will bring you the best of the best in bestiality! Meaning new, never seen before […]
bestiality christmas

Happy Holidays Special

ASH wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! This might sound a bit early as december hasn’t even started, but its for a good reason as we have something special for you! As december is a celebration month we thought it would be a good idea to surprise you with a nice […]

Amsterdam Live Volume 15

Special release: Amsterdam Live Vol. 15 If there was an award for sucking dogs then this blond slut would definately be a sure winner. Their friends call her the blowjob queen for a reason: this girl loves sucking dogcocks! I cant even remember the last time someone give me head, so i envy this fucking dog! […]

Amsterdam Live Volume 14

Special release: Amsterdam Live Vol. 14 As you can see this movie is shot in Holland, Amsterdam to say exactly. But BFI was a huge fan of russian girls, mainly because they are hot and cheap, and that is why we invited them to the dutch capital. Most of the time the girls where very tired […]

Bestiality advertising

Why we are using popup advertising? We understand that the popup you sometimes see when visiting our website can be a bit annoying. The reason why we have chosen to start with a tiny bit of advertising on our animal sex website(s) is simple; it generates a secure income flow which we need to cover […]

Watch Later Tool

The “watch later” option is a handy tool that gives you a way to watch all your favorite videos at a later stage. This way you can first do a preselection while browsing through our gigantic bestiality database, and once finished you can sit back and enjoy all your favority zoo movies. The tool works […]

Bestiality model profiles and biographies

You can now browse our animalsex model directory to browse through all your favorite models. Read their biography, watch their pictures and videos and find out where they come from and how they ended up performing in animal sex videos. Currently we have added about 80 animalsex profiles and more will follow in the next […]

Amsterdam Live Volume 13

Special release: Amsterdam Live Vol. 13 Humping, licking, sucking. Humping, licking, sucking. Rat keeps going for more then an hour and it seems he cant get enough of this hot young russian pussy. Its funny to see how he tries to hump all parts of her lasvicious teen body. It looks a bit clumsy but we […]