Animal Players 10 – Dogs, horses and goats

Special release: Animal Players 10 – Dogs, horses and goats

A great high quality compilation movie which starts with some nasty hardcore dogfucking. While the girl gets fucked her grandma watches it all from closeby. Its wonderful to see the shiny red knot sliding in and out her wet twat. Yeah this bitch is a real hot dogfucking slut.

After 20 minutes or so we see a outdoor threesome of a horny couple and their female friend. While the man and woman having sex in the open air their girlfriend pleases herself with a huge horsecock. She nibbles on the horse’s dick full of passion and she only wants one thing: swallowing his horsecum!

Then we see a new scene with another threesome. This time made at home with their young puppy pet. After a short blowjob one of the milfs grabs his knot and starts to bang his tiny but hard animalcock in her hairy pussy. Her massive tits are almost shaking as much as the dog’s sweaty balls.

The final scene is a real shocking final. A bisexual dude brutally fucks a female goat while both his male friend as his wife are sucking the poor animal’s udders. Its hard to say if its milk, human sperm or animal cum that is flying through the air hehe.

Movie information:

  • Pre-release date: 21 august 2016
  • Official release date: 04 september 2016

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