Donkey Dong

Special release: Donkey Dong

This amazing vintage animal sex movie brings you back to the seventies. The past, where everything was better but im not sure if that also counts for porn movies – or in this case bestiality movies – as well. Back then most people where already shocked by seeing some pair of topless tits or even worse: a fully naked woman.

Nowadays everything is possible and the weirder the better it seems. When we see porn movies from the past most of us will laugh their asses off. Its like watching your mom and dads photo albums from their teen years. On the other hand a lot of people really hate nowadays fake looking porn movies and love the vintage and retro stuff from the past.

Donkey Dong is one of the first animalsex movies ever made. A must see animal movie for collectors, real bestiality fans and people who love old and almost forgotten animal footage. It’s prety to hard to explain what this movie is about. Offcourse the main star in this movie is a funny looking donkey, but everything else is just weird. You see a robbery kind of scene, a voyeur farmer, a naked woman jogging on the streets, a gangbang, old young donkeysex and even a parrot. WTF lol!

The type of movie can be compared with a Laurel and Hardy kind of comedy movie combined with some animalporn. At least when you look at it through nowadays eyes. Back then this movie probably was da bomb šŸ™‚

Movie information:

  • Pre-release date: 20 august 2016
  • Official release date: 03 september 2016

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