Kerri Downs first dog encounter

Special release: Kerri Downs first dog encounter

Blondes fuck better a wise man once told me. Im not sure if that has to be taken seriously but Kerri surely does more then her best in this amazing looking dogsex video. We first get to meet her lovely parents, a nice elderly couple and the proud owners of their well trained pet dog. Oh and offcourse owners and masters of their submissive and a little bit naive daughters Kerri and Mandy.

Kerri gets naked and prepares herself for her first real animalsex experience. To get in the mood she first starts to wank the animal’s cock a bit. Her sexy sister supports her all the way. And lol, look at her adorable Winnie the Pooh watch, that makes her look sweet as fuck.

But whatever she tries to do she just seems to be to scared to get fucked by her parents sexpet. She does try and makes her pierced pussy wet by rubbing it for a few minutes… even her father gives a helping hand. But no, real beast fucking isnt for her, at least not today. Instead the dog brings her to her first animal orgasm with his tongue.

So dont expect to see any hardcore dogfucking in this video! Still, its fantastic to see this domestically shot almost homemade looking beastvideo with some bizarre taboo family animal footage due to the sweet look of Kerri and her horny family.

Movie information:

  • Pre-release date: 20 august 2016
  • Official release date: 03 september 2016

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