How do i buy a membership with bitcoin?


In order to purchase products on our website you first need to buy bitcoin. In case you do not have any bitcoins yet we advice you to read our following bitcoin blog: how to buy bitcoin with creditcard instantly.

Ok, i have bitcoins. How do i send them to you and buy stuff on your website?
This part is prety easy. Below you will find a step by step guide on how to do a bitcoin payment on our website. Basically there are only 3 small steps:

  1. Select the products you want on our website and click the ” order now button”
  2. On the checkout page check if all is ok and then go to the payment page
  3. Open your bitcoin wallet and send your funds


Step 1
Select the products you want and click on the purchase button (buy now/order now). Once you have done that and once you are ready to make a payment you will be redirected to our checkout page (see picture below). “Pay with bitcoin” is automatically selected. Just check the products listed to see if everything is ok and then press the black button at the bottom (proceed to bitpay).


Step 2
You will be redirected to the payment page (see picure below). In the picture below the red arrow points to the bitcoin address you need to send your bitcoin to. Above the address you see the amount you have to send.

Important: do not save this bitcoin address for future use. Everytime you make a purchase we will use a new bitcoin address. This way we can always track back your purchase in case something goes wrong.


Step 3
Open your bitcoin wallet (if you followed our bitcoin tutorial, open your account) and click on the “send bitcoins” button. In the next screen fill in the bitcoin address you see on the payment page (do not use the address from the picture above as that is just an example address), then fill in the amount and click send.

That is it. Once done, it takes a few seconds before the transaction is processed. Once itis accepted you get to see a “succeed” message and you will be redirected back to our website.

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