Pitt bull lovers

Special release: Pitt bull lovers

Incredible sexy amateur girl starts to undress herself and shows her hot pink lingerie. Not for her horny husband but to tease her pet dog: an agressive pittbull terrier!

She shakes her ass, shows her fantastic small titties and dances like a brazilian queen. All to get the full attention of the beast. Not nessecairy offcourse because the pitbull already got a boner when he smelled her teen pussy.

Once the introduction is finished the girl lies down on the ground so the animal can lick her twat for a few minutes. She on her turn starts nibbling on his knot. her hubby films it all while stroking his cock. Well the last part we cant see but i cant imagine he isnt wanking with a view like this.

Movie information:

  • Pre-release date: 26 august 2016
  • Official release date: 04 september 2016

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