ASH credit wallet

We have launched a new feature for our website: the ash wallet

You can add funds to your personal ash wallet which you can use to purchase memberships and dvd’s on our network. This can be handy for people who are planning to purchase multiple items. With the new ash wallet you only need to transfer funds once instead of transferring money for every order you place.

Secondly we will be using this wallet to reward loyal customers with free cash bonuses. These gifts can be used to purchase dvd’s and memberships.

And lastly: in near future we will be adding new payment options to the wallet system for customers who arent able to pay with bitcoin.

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Comment (28)

  1. hello:
    here works nothing,bitcoin only with a handy/ german a mobile phone for you, in germoney 20 percent need none and now? why no credit card why no other system like direct pay,did they don like you and will work with you? even a simple bank? would like to make a debit pay fom my banaccount…. direct in my wallet.
    so please try to send me a banking adress so that i can send it to you? if not bye bye,have no other possibility and get not exta a mobile telephone for you,sry.i know you have legal trouble and creditcards pay wapons,wars,crim all,but not you,so harmless.
    think there will no other way and it will be our last contact but perhaps i get a helping reply tomake a in german überweisung or debit cash or something like it is called in english.need your iban and a consumtion reason,perhaps will be allowed?
    greetz from berlin