2 dogs

Special release: 2 dogs + extra beast footage

Fantastic looking girl with a perfect bpdy bends over for the beast. The growling sound he makes shows that he is ready for his daily fuck. In seconds his tiny dick grows to a massive red knot and without hesitation he starts pricking it in her teeny vagina. Do you hear that moist-banging sound… isnt that maing every man horny as fuck?

Well dont get too enthousiastic as the next scene we see that ugly czech zoogirl again. But ok, this is a real hardcore bitch who knows how to treat an animal. With ten years in dogsex shoots she can prouly say she is one of europes most famous beast models. Lets give this bitch some credits for that.

This movie ends with a blast. A great blonde woman with a strange looking dog (some kind of terrier, husky or whatever) having some animal sex fun. To be honest im a bit prejudiced here as i fucking love blond milfs, but ok i think you will all love dogsex footage like this right?

Movie information:

  • Pre-release date: 23 september 2016
  • Official release date: 23 oktober 2016

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