beautiful girl receives horsecum in her tight cunt

Special release: 2 horses

Sometimes i ask myself: how the hell is it possible that such a tiny girl can receive a big horsecock like that. Its almost supernatural to not get hurt by such a monster.

The beauty from this horsesex video doesnt seem to have any problem with xxx sizes. Well ok, before she starts the real fuck action she masturbates for some time, probably to make her pussy wet enough. But thats good news for us guys. Im sure you already get hard just by watching this girls masturbation show. To see her tiny fingers sliding into her blue panties (who probably smell like the best rotten fish you ever smelled) is just mindblowing.

But ok most of you want to see some real action right? Well you guys get what you want today. This beautiful horseporn model loves to deepthroat stallioncocks. And not just standard sucking. No, she licks, sucks, moans, groans, spits and even almost pukes while sucking his genitals and cock.

And to finish with some fireworks offcourse we see some heavy horsefucking as well. As said in the beginning of this post its almost shocking to see that huge horsecock sliding into her smelly cunt.

Movie information:

  • Pre-release date: 07 october 2016
  • Official release date: 07 november 2016

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