Lots of updates

Layout changes
As you might have noticed already we are very busy with some new design and feature updates. We have changed the frontpage a bit to enhance the user experience:

  • Prices and discounts have been added, so everybody can immediately see how much all memberships costs and what to do to purchase them
  • We made the thumbnails for our specials, popular movies and newly added videos bigger so you dont have to wear glasses anymore to see what the new videos are about.

New alternative payment methods
As we got a lot of requests regarding alternative payment methods as many customers seem to have difficulties paying with bitcoin we now added some extra payment methods to our site. Please be aware that alternative payments are handled by an external company, so to enhance everybodies privacy and to ensure we dont loose these new accounts, please never mention anything bestiality related to our billing partner. In case of problems please create a ticket at our helpdesk and we will solve the problem for you.

New special animalsex releases
Fromoff this week we will be adding lots of new special animalsex videos. You can expect some new categories and new labels and from each of those we will be adding at least 1 movie a month.

Animal scat
A new category containing girls who love to eat dog shit, cow poop, human turds, horse feces and other nasty stuff like that. We have bought some extreme beast footage from kinkythai.com containing humiliated thai girls who are forced to eat animal scat.

Jozef beast
A new label named after Jozef, one of our most perverted cameraguys. He has shot tons of new dogsex movies for us with hot european and balkan girls, danish dogs, pitbull terriers and last but not least; many movies with his own sexpet Mickey, a wild, black and white spotted porn dog.

Coming soon
Once we are finished with current layout changes, our new payment options and setting up our new special releases we will be focussing on a new feature: a picture department. The picture department will contain free to use bestiality pictures in various categories. More info will be available soon.

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