Pay by Phone

New: Pay by Phone
Nowadays almost everyone has access to a mobile phone so it wasnt very hard to decide if we where going to accept phone payments.


2 day Vip package
For phonepayments we currently offer 1 membership: 1 day vip access for 3.50. Keep in mind that prices can vary for some countries due to costs of mobile service providers.

One time payments
When paying with your phone you do not have to be afraid of annoying phone subscriptions. All our memberships are based on a one time only payment solution. This means that once you have paid we will never charge you again!

Paying for bestiality with your phone is as easy as it sounds
Just follow the instructions mentioned on the payment screen and you will get instant access by sendig a simple sms message!

Country coverage
At this moment we do not offer worldwide coverage yet, but we will be adding more countries as soon as possible. Meanwhile customers from countries we dont support yet are able to pay through creditcard and paysafecard.

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