Amsterdam Live Volume 13

Special release: Amsterdam Live Vol. 13 Humping, licking, sucking. Humping, licking, sucking. Rat keeps going for more then an hour and it seems he cant get enough of this hot young russian pussy. Its funny to see how he tries to hump all parts of her lasvicious teen body. It looks a bit clumsy but we […]

Amsterdam Live Volume 12

Special release: Amsterdam Live Vol. 12 This lady in red spreads her labia so our big black dane cant resist her scent, even if he wanted to. It only takes a couple of seconds before his tiny wiener becomes a massive red knot. The short-haired russian girl tries a couple of sex positions. She might be […]

Amsterdam Live Volume 11

Special release: Amsterdam Live Vol. 11 People from Amsterdam are like USA people: you see their country flags everywhere. But ok, who gives a shit, right? Rat doesnt get distracted by stuff like that. Especially when he starts to pick up her human pussy scent: yeah those russian cunts smell like heaven! Movie information: Pre-release date: […]

Amsterdam Live Volume 10

Special release: Amsterdam Live Vol. 10 Rat is a bit confused as its his first time ever to fuck a japanese woman. And although a pussy is a pussy, he still looks a bit off. Maybe its her sushi smell, i dont know, but luckely for both the girl as himself he is able to get […]

Amsterdam Live Volume 9

Special release: Amsterdam Live Vol. 9 Young amateur girl from Kiev, Ukrain, is masturbating on a vintage chair. Whatever she does and how hard she tries, she isnt able to get a well wanted orgasm. Well we all know what the best solution is for this problem. Indeed: a rough animal sex session with our favorite […]

Amsterdam Live Volume 8

Special release: Amsterdam Live Vol. 8 Yummie, a hot russian teen in sexy stockings and a hot blond milf from moscow. Yes, Rat cant complain this month and his staggering knot is ready for liftoff. But before he starts humping these girls, the dog wants to taste their sweat cunt moisture. Come one Rat, sharing is […]

Amsterdam Live Volume 7

Special release: Amsterdam Live Vol. 7 Its a special day for Rat as he is surprised with not one, but two hot russian bitches. He puts on his green celebration socks and gets himself ready for a good animal-human hump. Enjoy this great dogsex movie and see that “doggystyle” gets a whole new meaning! Movie information: […]

Amsterdam Live Volume 6

Special release: Amsterdam Live Vol. 6 A new Rat (or is it Rad, russian for companion?) adventure again. This black dane really loves to have sex with russian girls it seems. It looks those moscow babes give him an instant boner. But be honest, can we blame him? These amateur teens are really hot as fuck! […]
250 new animalsex movies

250+ new animalsex videos added

100+ new special releases We have added more then 250 new bestiality movies to our collection. Besides some regular animal sex stuff in various niches like horsesex, dogsex, goatporn and eel sex we also added a shitload of new special releases. As we got a lot of request for liveshow footage we added a lot […]

Amsterdam Live Volume 5

Special release: Amsterdam Live Vol. 5 This time we have a special episode for MILF and Granny lovers. Those two girls are naturally horny for our dog. They treat his dog cock very well and in return Rad the dog humps and fucks the two nasty women. Movie information: Pre-release date: 3. February Official release date: […]

Amsterdam Live Volume 4

Special release: Amsterdam Live Vol. 4 This is part 4 of the famous Amsterdam Live Series. A hot blond teen is having natural dogsex with rad the big black dog. After a while her female friend Rita is joining the special meeting. Rita is a really enthusiastic and perverted slut. She is a nymphomaniac dog girl. […]

Amsterdam Live Volume 3

Special release: Amsterdam Live Vol. 3 This Part 3 of the epic Amsterdam Live series. This time Rat the dog enjoys a red head and a brunette girl. The two russians are ready and horny for our huge great dane. Rat starts humping Kira from behind. Kira immediately takes her chance to have sex with a dog for […]

Amsterdam Live Volume 2

Special release: Amsterdam Live Vol. 2 Two horny russian girls are visiting Amsterdam to have some fun. After a couple of drinks they agreed to come with us to the apartment. Our horny black great dane “Rat” immediately went fully crazy when he saw those beautiful young ladies. Rat starts to lick and hump the girls and […]

Neu cachorro

Special release: Neu cachorro Fantastic vintage movie which contains everything you want from a retro video from the eightties: hot women, human fucking, some humour, a beautiful st bernard dog, nice blowjobs, a spinning bed and even some gay porn (which was prety rare for those days). The movie also contains some nice dogsex scenes […]

Kerri Downs first dog encounter

Special release: Kerri Downs first dog encounter Blondes fuck better a wise man once told me. Im not sure if that has to be taken seriously but Kerri surely does more then her best in this amazing looking dogsex video. We first get to meet her lovely parents, a nice elderly couple and the proud […]

Upcomming movies: 01-2016

This january we have added an amount of 237 extreme animalsex movies. Below is the full list of all updates 2 Dirty Horse Bitches 3 Times A Dog Slut A 2 Hour Special Volume 3 A Day At The Farm A Girl And Three Dogs A Loira E O Fila A Mouth Full Of Horse […]